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3 Mistakes for Beginners in Learning to Play the Guitar

Talking about learning guitar again, for those of you who have just bought a guitar, or who are borrowing a guitar from a friend, or a neighbor for learning guitar, sometimes you are confused about learning to start with? Now in this article, I write a little about the things or mistakes that are often done in learning guitar, so that later it doesn't hinder the learning process of my friends.

Here I summarize 3 important points that my friends should avoid when they are just learning the guitar.

1. Hurry

So, in point 1, there are 2 sub-points that we must avoid, including:

Hurry to memorize all chords in 1 study. We recommend that you memorize and practice until it is smooth, a maximum of 5 guitar chord forms first. Then, in training the next day I added more, so that my friends would not be confused and confused.

In a hurry to immediately master all techniques. Well, I was like that myself before hehehe. One of the factors that make my friends want to learn guitar must be watching performances or videos of reliable guitarists, right? And the guitarist shows cool techniques which will be difficult for friends who are just learning. So, my friends should first learn the basic strumming, then develop the strumming, then practice guitar picking patterns. For arpeggio techniques, tapping, harmonics, and others, they can slowly catch up (one by one, you know ..).

2. Lazy

Why are you lazy? yes because I am lazy haha..

Lazy because I feel inferior to mediocre talent. That's what happens when we just look up, without looking at what's below us. Indeed, if we see famous guitarists who are good at it, we can feel inferior to our talents. But look at your friends who might not be able to play the guitar at all, be proud of yourself for trying to learn to play the guitar, show me the results of your practice, Ok ..

Lazy because I'm not in the mood. Try to find a place that is quiet and lonely, relax with your guitar so the atmosphere and desire to learn guitar will increase (experience: midnight is the best atmosphere, but don't be loud ...)

3. Excessive Exercise

Being lazy will indeed hinder your guitar learning, but too much exercise is not good if you do it. You can injure your hands, such as torn finger skin, cramps, and even blisters. Not only physically, mentally will also be affected, such as stress, which is the worst possible way your guitar will be thrown, even slammed haha.

Exercise is reasonable, 1 day is not more than 4 hours. If you are tired, or getting stressed, leave the guitar first. So, don't overdo it, just relax.

Well, maybe for my friends the 3 things above are trivial, but they are small things that are important in us learning anything, including the guitar. Thank you for stopping here, enthusiasm for learning .. ^ _ ^

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