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3 Tips For Buying A Used Guitar

After you get your first guitar and start playing, you’ll likely find it fun to go buy more guitars.  There are several different styles and types to choose from.

They feel different while playing up and down the neck, they don’t sound the same, and they can either make for interesting good music or not.

3 Tips For Buying A Used Guitar

Here’s a little tip from someone who’s bought a whole lot of guitars over the years.  

Buying a used guitar

Buying a used guitar is one of the fastest ways to get a collection for a lot cheaper than buying new.

You just want to make sure you don’t buy ones that have hidden problems… just like you don’t want a used car that just got totaled in and flung a mile down the street in a hurricane.

Where should I buy a Guitar?

Here are some places people buy used guitars online: eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist… But you’ll want to invest in used guitars at local music stores or anywhere you can get your hands on them to play at first.

Pawn shops are a good place.  So are flea markets and classified ads.   

Find out what these instruments have been through in the past

Again, you need to have a way to figure out what these instruments have been through in the past before you fork over your money.

You may have to get it repaired or even sell it if it’s in such bad condition.  This is something that’s NOT FUN to find out later.  Here’s a tip: check out the body for chops, scratches, and dings in the paintjob.

This is not the same as buying a vintage guitar!… unless you’re actually looking at a vintage guitar.

Check The Neck

Be sure to take a hard look at the neck for damage and possible warping.  It’s important to take the guitar and hold it with the end of the body placed against your chin and stare down the neck toward the headstock.

This is called Sighting the Neck.  You may find high spots on the fretboard that appear shiny.  Ones that stick out and give you an eye sore are probably high frets.  Dark areas are low spots.

And if that sucker is warped, it’s a NO BUY.  It can’t be fixed.

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