How to take care an acoustic guitar properly to make it durable

How to take care your acoustic guitar to make it durable

Hello friends, for us the guitar is the best and most loyal friend, right? Friends, in times of joy and sorrow. Or is it a boyfriend? Hahaha. As good friends, we definitely want our guitars to last and be good. Come see how to take care of an acoustic guitar version of

How to take care an acoustic guitar to make it durable

1. The place to put the guitar

The place to put the guitar in a closed place anywhere, as long as it's not outdoors, let alone exposed to direct sunlight. Too hot temperatures can weaken the glue on the guitar bridge. Sunlight can also make the color paint on the guitar body crack and peel off too often.
Then, if the temperature is too cold it can also cause the wood texture on the guitar to rot for a long time. So, when cold weather comes, cover the guitar using a cloth or guitar case when the guitar is not in use.

2. Loosen the Strings

When you can't play the guitar for a long time, it's a good idea to loosen the guitar strings. So that the strength of the strings is durable, the guitar neck is not pulled and bent quickly. Read also Causes of bent guitar necks and how to straighten them

3. Hands are not wet

Wet hands, be it water or sweat, will leave moisture on the guitar body and strings. Wet guitar body, especially sweat water which contains a little salt, can make the guitar mushroom. And on a steel string acoustic guitar string or steel string / wire, will make the string rust quickly.
So, if your hands sweat easily, prepare a tissue / handkerchief while playing the guitar, it's easy to just wipe it onto your clothes :v

4. Clean the Guitar

Clean the guitar at least once a month. The dust on the body, fretboard, and headstock covers the paint color of the guitar, and makes the guitar look dirty. use a tissue or dry cloth to clean it. Do not bathe it, guess what motorbike: v
just wipe it ok :)

That is the way to take care of an acoustic guitar so that it lasts from, Thank you :)