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Learn Basic Fingerstyle Guitar For Beginners

For my friends who want to learn fingerstyle guitar techniques by themselves. I will give a little basic of fingerstyle pattern, especially for those of you who are just learning fingerstyle.

You must know, Youtuber Sungha Jung, Alexander Misko, or even Alip_Ba_Ta viral. Yes, they are 4 of the many fingerstyle guitarists whose skills are really cool, don't you agree? So here I will not teach you to be good like them. I just want to share the basics of the fingerstyle game for beginners.

learn fingerstyle guitar for beginners

What is a fingerstyle?

According to Wikipedia, the Fingerstyle Guitar is a technique of playing the guitar by strumming the strings directly with the fingertips, nails, or picks attached to the finger, as opposed to flat strumming (plucking individual notes with a single plectrum, commonly called a "pick").
Or the easy way, playing guitar by mixing melody, bass, rhythm song in harmony.

Previously, I suggest my friends to learn the basic chords on the guitar first, because it is the most basic basis for someone to play the guitar. Only then, if my friends are playing smoothly and moving from one chord to another, then continue to the fingerstyle technique. 

There are 2 ways to find melody, bass, and rhythm on fingerstyle:

1. Read Tablature / Tab

Tablature is a guide or guide where we pluck guitar strings. Yes, almost the same as musical notes, tabs are guitar versions of musical notes. Tabs are usually created by the songwriter, or someone else. This is an example of a guitar tab.

How To Read Fingerstyle Guitar Tabs

2. By looking for yourself

Finding melody, bass, and rhythm by relying on basic feelings and chords is a little difficult for a beginner who wants to learn fingerstyle. So I suggest for beginners to read the tab first, then when 2 or 3 songs are already smooth, try it, find fingerstyle of a song yourself.
How to search for melody, rhythm, bass fingerstyle

The good position of the fingers of the right hand when plucking the guitar strings is as follows :

  • Thumb strum the bass (string 4, 5, 6), with the very front position (position1) between the other fingers
  • The index finger is usually in the position behind the thumb (position2) on the 3 string
  • The middle finger is in the position behind the index finger (position 3), which is on the 2nd string
  • The ring finger is in the position behind the middle finger (position 4), which is the # 1 string
  • Then, the little finger as a support on the guitar body so that the hands and other finger positions do not change / slide.
For more details, see the following picture

Maybe for a beginner, it must be difficult to pluck the strings using 4 or even 5 fingers at once. I was like that too. If it is still difficult, just using your thumb (thumb) and index finger is fine. Only later when you are proficient, add the middle finger, then the ring finger, and if possible the little finger will also pick. If we only rely on the thumb and forefinger, later friends will have difficulty playing several songs that require fingers to pluck the strings 1, 2, 3 alternately or simultaneously.

How about my friends, learning fingerstyle is actually easy if we know the basics and know the techniques. Stay enthusiastic about learning the guitar.

Maybe that was an article about Learning Beginner Guitar Fingerstyle. Sorry if my explanation is not understandable, I am just trying to share a little of my experience in learning this fingerstyle technique by myself.
That is all and thank you :)

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