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Learn How To Sing While Playing Guitar

Learn to sing while playing guitar.  I know… It seems virtually impossible at first.  You want to sing every word along with every strum.

But it’s a MUST if you think about it.  Because when you’re in a band, the hardest musician to find is the singer.  Why not be the badass guitarist and singer at the same time?  If you can do both, then you’re off to the races playing the big gigs.

Learn How To Sing While Playing Guitar

Here’s a tip…

Begin learning to sing and play at the same time with a simple catchy song and it can even be Marry Had A Little Lamb.  You have to figure out own your own what chords will go well with the melody.  And then go ahead and play just the chords a couple times while hearing the singing part in your head.

The next part is memorizing the lyrics… so go ahead and memorize the lyrics as if you’re memorizing a poem in school.  Think about exactly how the singer is singing it… the pauses, everything.

Next just sing the song without playing your guitar.  Get the melody down as best as possible. Try to match the singer’s voice as much as possible but without actually listening to him at the same time.

It’s time to put all the puzzle pieces together.  Go through your chord changes and shift them with your subconscious mind… this just means do it without concentration.

Begin singing the song as you get through it roughly.  Try again and again, and it should get easier and easier.  Just stay focused on singing that one song with playing until you master it.  Even if it takes a few days.

Once you do that, you’re ready to move onto another tune.  It’s really just a matter of training your mind to do 2 things at once… think of it like multitasking.  It’ll become more comfortable and natural as you practice.  interesting vocal lines while playing guitar.

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