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How To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Best Ways To Improve Your Guitar Playing

Best Ways To Improve Your Guitar Playing

What grooves you? Why do you desire to get better playing guitar?

There are many resources available to help you whether you are just beginning to play acoustic electric guitar, you want to expand your repertoire to include blues, funk or rock and roll music, or you just want to learn a few licks of your favorite song or even if you want to record yourself regardless of your intentions you can find help.

Here are a few ideas that may help you better understand your guitar playing and some solutions you can consider.

Guitar Video

Getting acoustic electric guitar lessons on DVD for at home or computer that take you through finger exercises, rhythm and timing lessons, strumming techniques and hand position while illustrating various types of songs it best. Videos become essentially a mirror for you in learning to play guitar because you can mimic what you see on screen and reproduce them on your own. With commitment and determination, this can be a good one to go – especially for the visual learner who likes to learn primarily on their own.

Guitar lessons

Find a acoustic electric guitar teacher in your area either at a community college or a private instructor that will work with you. When you consider working with an instructor you will want to also consider the types of students they work with the best, their success stories, the flexibility of your schedule, their expertise and of course their fees. You can take lessons either in a group or one on one- both have good and bad points but either will work to help you.

Playing partners

You can find someone in your community that plays. You can also post a request online like at Craigslist for a find a private instructor at a guitar shop. it is important to build a relationship with a player who is better then you who also desires to be accountable in practicing weekly. What you can provide is the commitment to meet up with them weekly and practice. To find what method works you can learn from their techniques in return. Of course, you always need to be aware of learning bad habits in situations like these, which is why it’s important to have a foundation in guitar technique before starting.

Guitar theory

Developing a basis in guitar theory is related to guitar technique. Chord patterns, minor and major chord progressions, note scales, and overlap with piano and percussion instruments can all give you a basic structure upon which to layer in the knowledge and technique you gain in your guitar playing.

To me, your musical ability and creative talent is best expressed in playing the guitar. And with a commitment to constant improvement, it can provide a lifetime of enjoyment for yourself, friends, and family.

That is how to improve your guitar playing, I hope you could be a good guitarist soon, Thank you.

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